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Apr. 8th, 2007

Drives me crazeee

I am ... bored?

So after the intense painting and paper mache-ing I been doing ... I feel like I should post some stuff ... so ahem ... enjoy.

+ Credit to reenaithium
+ Please no hot-linking!
+ If you comment, I will <3 YOU FOREVER!!
+ Feel free to friend me! :D
+ Enjoy! <3

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Feb. 1st, 2007

Shin Sawada

Letters = <3

So I went to see Letters from Iwo Jima today! Woooh! Such a good movie! Not just for Nino being in it, but actually really good!! Anyways it was hilarious what Neddy & Sylvia's reactions where during the movie.

But first, before the movie:

We went around the mall and pick out clothings that Johnny members should wear. LMAO, we had so much fun for it. And I found out Pi's chest size O_O ... almost a METER!! LMAO ... and then when I got back, and look up Gackt's ... it's 98cm!!! O_O ... but poor Kame only 64cm. <= the saddest thing about this whole thing is ... I'm only like a couple of cm bigger than Pi & Gackt ... O_O!! Damn it!! Note to self: Get a boob job when I get older!

Anyways afterward we wonder into the SWATCH shop. They have the most amazing watches, but Neddy couldn't stop picking out these BIG RIM MEN watches.

After the watch window-shopping, we went to this cool azn shop, and I bought a cool L ring. :D:D It's pretty, but I have to wear it with caution because my mommy doesn't like me wearing rings.

Oh we went to body shop, and I mixed Japanese Musk with Oceanu ... smell sooo GOOD!! I want to buy my invented scent, except it would cost $18 and I didn't have that kind of dough ... I mean moolah. Speaking of scents, we went to the Bay and to the Chanel booth, where we sprayed Platnium Egotist on my hand!! So my hand, still, at the moment smell like GACKUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "KYAAAAA!" ... sorry.

Afterward we went to chapters and for an hour, RT and I were practicing our Japanese. I'm so lame. Anyways I learn how to say "I love you" in Korean ... "sa rang hay ya" ... that's how I pronounce it. :P When we reached for a Learn Chinese booklet, RT was trying Chinese out and I was like ... WHAT? ... OH! That! ... we re-established how hard Chinese is to pronounce.

On our way back to the theatre, we talked about how my mommy told me that the math gene has been lost in my generation. And how we're all stupid after we immigrated to .. this country. It's soo true!

So the Letter's was soo good. When we saw Nino on scream, RT & I did a mini "KYAA!" thing ... it was fun. Anywas on the Neddy and Sylvia's reactions. So during these gory parts, (Neddy & Sylvia was sitting beside me, together) all you see is Sylvia cring into a ball, covering her eyes and utters "I shouldn't have come to watch this!" while you see Neddy besides her, leaning forward, giving her undivided attention to the screen! LMAO! ... At the end I had to comfort Sylvia at those parts, while Neddy had a grin on her face.

The movie is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good! 5 thumbs up! ... wait, it's 5 stars, and 2 thumbs ... oh well. School tomorrow. x_x

Jan. 30th, 2007

Drives me crazeee

New layout?

I was gonna base this layout on something else ... like something so much better, but I totally forgot this new effect that I discover the other day. Which pissed me off ... but I manage to make a half decent layout. What can I say, It's Johnny boys vs. Gackuto!! LOL!

Anyways the brushes are from Hybrid Genesis (if I'm not mistaken)

The vector & pattern are by me!

The scans are from ... O_O ... man can't remember. If you have any idea, leave a comment and I'll post it up.

The graphics of the layout is by me.

Due to my incompetent in LJ coding ... *ahem* and just basic coding in general *ahem*, this layout is based on thefulcrum's Holiday in Vegas, thank you so much for the code!!

Still have MAJOR problems with this ... but hopefully I can manage to finish this before school starts again. =_=

Jan. 25th, 2007

Drives me crazeee

O_O ... why the hell am i on?

I was feeling bored ... so I started to go on lj ... as usual ... and then I stumble upon RT's lj ... and I took one of her quizzes ...

click here to see what the h- I'm talking about :DCollapse )
GO KAME!! So true ... I probably die via nosebleed thanks to him. <-- and no Kazuya ... I don't want you to die in my hands by a blunt spoon, not unless you want to change your current hair. Sorry, but not a big fan of what you have now. O___O Go back to the straight innocent look!!

GO UCHI!! Don't kill me, RT ... it just came out that way. O_O But still ... the last sentence was so random. XD

GO RYO!! I like snails ... they're yummy. But I'm not sure if Ryo bought it in a good way or bad. But thanks Ryo-chan. <-- Once again, don't kill me RT.

Going back to study for chemistry ... time to learn more about the periodic trends, and solubility crap, and hyrocarbons (so easy though) and gas laws (which are also easy) ... wish me luck tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec. 1st, 2006

Drives me crazeee

My computer ...

forbids me to download more Gackt pictures .. O___O

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Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424

Oct. 26th, 2006

Drives me crazeee


I'm looking at my calender everyday now ... and it is depressing looking at my calender ... have you ever seen my calender.

I have most of my next 2 weeks planned out ... I mean not in the oh, I'm gonna mountain kind of way but in the, what is due. I have, as of now, a test and a MAJOR lab due next week, keep in mind I'm not going to be at home on Saturday to do any of this. Week of Nov. 6th I have 2 MAJOR english assignment due, and other crap planned out. This week I've been doing HOMEWORK and ONLY homework till 9pm, not any of the assignments. I am so dead ... I need a laptop in my bedroom so I can write essays like Suchi does at 5am in the morning. Thank GOD that I don't have Manny. On top of that I have to finish 2 layouts, one of them my site layout. =___= ..a poster for the school play and then I have to die in a corner.

-- bye bye
-- sign: Emo child.

Oct. 16th, 2006

Drives me crazeee


O_O ... interesting but totally AWESOME quiz result:

... quizCollapse )

Oct. 15th, 2006

Drives me crazeee

Icons!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

My first time posting avatar .. I mean icons on LJ. This is confuzzling, avatars, icons, display pics. XD ... Please put them up in your own server. Don't kill my bandwidth x.x .. Please credit back if you're to use any of these! Comments are appreciated. Thankyou!

- 4 - Gackt
- 2 - Ouran High
- 1 - Jun Matsumoto
- 4 - Ayumi Hamasaki
- 1 - Namie Amuro
- 1 - Bleach
- 1 - Death Note
- 1 - L'arc-en-ciel

follow this linkCollapse ) I think I'll go study Chem and finish my ISU now. .. toodles ~
02 08

Oct. 14th, 2006

Drives me crazeee


Man ... vectoring is hard ... and making phunky things is hard ... I hate the site layout I made. It's so ugly. >.< ... However I do love my Light vector. :D:D Anywho gonna go shampoo my hair now. Ciao!
Drives me crazeee


God I did way too much typing today, and layout coding and stuff like that. I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna watch DN #2 and then do some graphic hunting for new site layout. :D:D Cute News can go scr*w itself to eternal h*ll ... or atleast until I figure out how it works. So very tired ... muscle aches ... my back, butt, thigh, biceps all HURTS! ... damn you excercise!

Go AiJ! :D:D:D

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